About Me

I am a Spiritual Adviser and Intuitive Counselor/Intuition Coach

My Gift

As a skilled interviewer (having interviewed hundreds of people for my radio show), my unique gift is asking the right questions to help you uncover your own path to self-discovery.

My Mission

My life’s mission is to serve others by helping them get clear about their purpose, discover their strengths, overcome their challenges, develop their intuition, connect to Spirit and live a more vibrant and fulfilling life.

My Journey

For over 25 years, I was in the wrong profession. I was the number crunching, competent accountant who tried to live up to the expectations of the Corporate world. You would think that I could have recognized the signs much earlier, but I didn’t. I was focused on my work, even though that work was not fulfilling.

I would find moments of creativity & clarity in between the balance sheets and income statements of life. I compensated my boredom by decorating my office with crystals, hanging floating rainbow mobiles in my window, placing bubbling fountains on my bookcase and listening to soothing etheric music. The effect was hypnotic for others but for me, it was the reminder of who I really was inside: Peaceful, compassionate, connected to something greater than myself, and a nurturer of others.

I guess, there had really been a pattern of self-discovery all along:

Stand Up Comedy
Over ten years ago, I tried my skills as a stand-up comedian. I used to perform self-deprecating humor, making fun of my body. It was so much fun to get up on a stage and help people laugh. Because I was a large person, I hit the stage and dragged the microphone stand around with me. I never had any trouble with stage presence. My first line was to pause a second, look directly at the people seated in the front row and say: “can you all see me ok?” Once they laughed, I knew I had them. But I didn’t like my material and the toll it was taking on my health.

When I joked about being overweight, the cells in my body responded by staying that way. Afterall, they were famous (the punchline of my joke) and the center of my focus. Today, I am incorporating humor in my talks to groups, Churches and conferences and my topic combines spirituality with health, metaphysics and healing.

Talk Radio

Then, in 1998, one of those things happened that most would call a coincidence. I started hosting my own weekly radio talk show. I was on the air talking about alternative medicine and holistic living when it was not widely accepted. I’ll never forget interviewing a guest about the benefits of colonics on a Saturday during lunch hour. The station manager came up to me after the program and told me never to do a show like that again. I guess we got his attention. Ironically, that was one of the most popular shows that I hosted – with the audience at least. My gift for asking questions has come straight from a higher power. Once someone asked me: Where did you learn to ask questions like that? I was shocked. For me, it has been the most natural thing in the world to listen and to ask meaningful questions.

Newspaper Columnist

After that, I started writing a column for the Franklin Review Appeal newspaper, again on alternative medicine and holistic living. It strategically appeared on the front page of the Family Section and I was getting feedback from readers and using the space to promote a peaceful, more holistic lifestyle. That led to my focus on writing – for my own books and editing and writing for others.

Purpose of this blog?

Ask yourself:

* What am I really supposed to do with my life?
* How can I be of service?
* How can I receive and trust my Guidance and take inspired action?
* How can I live a more holistic life?
* How can I live in integrity with my beliefs?
* How can I contribute to mass consciousness?
* What do I want to be remembered for?
* How can I be who I truly am and interact in this chaotic world?
* How can I love “what is” and still desire to go from here to there?

From the teachings of Abraham-Hicks:
Nothing is more important than that we feel good. That we milk each moment for all the joy we can possibly acquire from it. Once our vibration and frequency are aligned and we’ve stopped pinching off the flow of well-being that naturally comes to us, then life can be everything we wished for, and much more.

Abundant blessings and Namaste’

Linda Woods

To contact me: email lindawoods1@gmail.com


One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi Linda,
    One thing leads to another and here I am. Never planned on arriving at this space when I started my journey this morning. Or was it yesterday? So, I totally grooved out on the Grand Central Station Performance Art still life in progress peace. Really amazing. I could watch these for days. This sight looks like a lot of fun so I’m happy to vacation here for the time being. I made a great career switch too. From insurance salesman (ta, da da da) to… well…, I’m still working on that. I think I call myself a facilitator but I’m constantly wondering who is facilitating who. The adventure is amazing, and being with others as we all get to know each other a little more, is so rewarding and fun. http://www.projectascent.com. With love, joy and wishing you everything good! Dov

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