Facts about Faces – Your Wrinkles Tell All

I found this article about Jean Haner in the San Diego City Beat Real Alternative News. Apparently , Haner can tell tons about a person from the shape of their face and the wrinkles acquired thereon. She married into a Chinese family and has captured the art of Chinese face reading in her book: The Wisdom Of Your Face (see below)

Quote from the City Beat article:

“To Haner, every face is like a fine watercolor, and wrinkles are the brush strokes. “Every significant moment that happens in your life is marked on your face,” she says. “When you get divorced, you get a certain wrinkle—when your father dies or when you give birth to your first born as well. So, to me, your face is like a family photo album, and getting cosmetic surgery would be like burning the pictures.”

Check out Haner’s book on Amazon below:


Woman’s Intuition Predicted Wall Street Meltdown

I’m always intrigued by people who can predict things accurately. Laura Day does just that. I came across this article about her in the Telegraph.co.uk.

She gives seminars on how to use the sixth sense and has written five books teaching people how to harness their own ‘practical intuition’.

‘Anyone can do what I do,’ she says. ‘It is an idiot’s gift.’

If that’s true, we should all be able to do what she does. You can view the article at this link:

Laura Day-Financial Intuitive

Check out her books below: