Aromatherapy Diffuser

Both Sabrina (my cat) and I have had trouble breathing lately. Me, because I’ve had some kind of nasty viral bug and have been flat on my back for over a week (no fun) and Sabrina, because she has asthma. My vet tech recommended that I buy a humidifier and spew moisture into the air to help us breathe easier. But that was not quite the answer I was looking for.

I read some Consumer Report reviews and learned that if I did not commit to cleaning a humidifier regularly, that I would produce a mold situation, a problem that would be worse than the asthma. I am not known for my regimented cleaning routines, so I consulted with a certified aromatherapist (Judi Fitzsimmons) and learned that the essential oil of Lavender is excellent for respiratory problems. Now I’m on a mission to find an aromatherapy diffuser, a device that disperses healing essential oils into the air while my cats and I sleep. I found some interesting diffusers here and will be ordering one soon. Hopefully, the one I choose will open up all passage ways so that not only air, but fresh inspiration can flow freely throughout the body while I sleep. Stay tuned.


Air Filter To Clean Your Environment

I sleep with my cats. I now have three of these wonderful creatures, but at one time, I had 5 of them snuggling up to me at night.

I’m not the only animal lover “out there” who does this. In the winter, the windows are shut tight and something is needed to draw out the dander, cat hair, odor, and anything else that might be floating around the room. I found the perfect airfilter solution.

Air_filter_health_mate I purhased a HealthMate airfilter from the Allergy Relief Store in Brentwood, TN. It removes smoke, mold, mildew, fungi, asthma triggering irritants, allergens, germs, viruses, bacteria, chemicals, gases & odors. Mine has been running non-stop (except for cleaning) for over six years now and I have no complaints. I vacuum the outside when the dust builds up and I remove the drum and clean the inside every six months. I couldn’t live without it and it was well worth the investment. Check out the website to find the perfect filter for your air cleansing needs. And in case your wondering, I am not an affiliate for this company.