Release the Blockages That Prevent You From Focusing

spiritual counselorI never knew that I had a blockage to release. Oh, perhaps on some level I knew, but I could never wrap my mind around it or put it into words. Something was holding me back and preventing me from focusing and getting clear about what I wanted.

I had a breakthrough session this morning while talking on the phone to Juelle

She is a conscious channel who was my guest recently on my radio show – Windows To Wellness - where we talked about her gifts. She offered me great insight regarding the flow of “my life stream,” and asked me a lot of questions that helped me uncover a pattern in my life that first emerged while I was still in the womb.

I don’t want to get too personal here with the information revealed, but I will say that I sobbed buckets during this session and my life is about to take a 180 degree turn with a new birth experience. I am overwhelmed with emotion and will take the time necessary to process this new awareness.

So perhaps seeking out a counselor can help you break through and release old patterns and blockages. Trust, that You will find the perfect person to support you. When the student is ready…the teacher will appear.