Feng Shui Tools For Manifesting

Lincoln Memorial at Night

Lincoln Memorial at Night

Retailers use it in their stores to attract hundreds of new customers, hotels use it in their lobbies to help their guests relax, and home builders use it to sell $600,000 houses that have been sitting empty for months.

What am I talking about? Feng Shui. Specific objects in your environment can make all the difference in helping you manifest what you want.

Feng Shui can be an effective tool for career enhancement. The following items on your career wall can cause things to accelerate. The color Black, moving water or a photo of moving water (like a waterfall), or a fountain to move the chi or energy. There are many objects or “cures” that can help move the energy of a stagnant career area of your home.

Just thirty minutes after hanging a perfectly framed picture of the Lincoln Memorial on my career wall, I received a phone call for a job interview that I had been wanting for months. I was amazed that the phone call came so fast. My photo contained the color black and water. Both are recommended “cures” for stagnation in your career area.   How does it get any better than this?