Receiving Guidance

When Spirit speaks, you absorb at lightening speed and hit the ground running.

I’ve been broadcasting on the radio since 1998 with my talk program Windows to Wellness.

Now I’m being told to get up close and personal with people in a consulting environment. I thought I had to be an expert and have it all worked out before I could help others. Not So!

My gift is asking questions and getting to the heart of the matter in a gentle way. Can you use that kind of guidance?

If so, call me for a consultation or feel free to comment.

Many blessings, and a great big Namaste! (The Love and Light that is Me, Honors the Love and Light that is You!)


Becoming The Adviser

Meditation1 Years ago, I remember sitting at a holistic fair and the intuitive advisor on the other side of the table (where I was sitting), looked into my eyes and said “you are supposed to be on this side of the table”. My reaction was out loud and immediate: “huh?” “me?” Naaaaaaa. I never dreamed that I would be an intuitive advisor. I equated that with telling people what to do and having them become dependent upon me, and I wanted no part of that.

But many moons have passed since then. I’ve grown spiritually and my Guidance has been nudging me lately to become more of an advisor and less of an interviewer. Ever since my beloved cat (Nakita) died on January 7th, (Hear my program dedicated to Nakita on January 11th, 2006), he’s been busy on the other side (along with other glorious beings) urging me to move forward in a new direction. Continue reading