Divine Intervention – A New Book By Psychic Patricia Milner

It’s the Sunday morning after the Thanksgiving holiday and I’m getting ready to interview Patricia Milner – a psychic medium. We are connecting on Skype since she lives on the other side of the world in Cyprus. I am quite excited about this book because I’m her editor. Her words were channeled and when she sat down at the computer, every detail of her early life came pouring out.

We’ve spent 18 months working on the manuscript, editing, rewriting, re-editing until we got it just right. Writing has always been one of my passions, and this is the first time I’ve started a book and watched it unfold to completion and then publication.

In her book, Divine Intervention, Patricia talks about being psychic since birth. She remembers the day of her birth vividly, and other days during her childhood and the strange experiences that she had. At the time, she thought she was going mad, but ‘Spirit’ was there to assure her, that everything was in Divine Order.

It’s not so strange anymore that young children are having psychic experiences and that adults think there is something wrong with them. My roommate’s granddaughter told us recently that she saw a ghost and I asked her about it. I took her seriously and asked her about their interaction and how she felt about it. Her Mom did not believe her. More and more people are having these experiences and are talking openly about them. Patricia’s book is meant to help these people find comfort in their paranormal experiences and how they can use them to create meaning in their lives.

Patricia is now using her gift to help others as a psychic medium and counselor. Her book is sprinkled with current day stories of the people who come to see her, and flashbacks to her tumultuous childhood and how her traumas and experiences led her to her current role. I hope you can tune in to this interview, which will be up soon at www.windowstowellness.com

For a detail of her work, visit her website.

For a video about her new movie, visit her blog.


Look Into My Crystal Ball


I’m always looking for information about intuition, psychic interpretation, how to recognize our guidance – anything that helps us become more perceptive and make our own decisons.

I found this interesting article by Lisa B. Valentino  about when to use a psychic and when to rely on your own intuitive skills.


Woman’s Intuition Predicted Wall Street Meltdown

I’m always intrigued by people who can predict things accurately. Laura Day does just that. I came across this article about her in the Telegraph.co.uk.

She gives seminars on how to use the sixth sense and has written five books teaching people how to harness their own ‘practical intuition’.

‘Anyone can do what I do,’ she says. ‘It is an idiot’s gift.’

If that’s true, we should all be able to do what she does. You can view the article at this link:

Laura Day-Financial Intuitive

Check out her books below:


Scripting Your Life – What The Heck Is That?

I am so excited about starting this blog to help myself and others literally create the life of our dreams. Yeah, I know you’ve heard it all before, so much so that those words are now a cliche’. There are individuals “out there” who are doing just that – literally creating their lives. It’s not so much being “out there” as it is – being “in here” inside, visualizing what we want, following our intuitive hunches, taking action on those hunches, watching synchronistic events unfold, and experiencing the life that we’ve always wanted. Let’s get to work. Your comments are always welcome here.


Trust Your Intuition

October 5th, 2006

Asiphotosmanjumping_1How does one trust the intuition that one receives?

When I do trust it, and things work out, I could literally jump for joy!

Recently, I received a request for a writing project from a client overseas. This client hires me on an ongoing basis to write articles for them on various issues regarding their healing product.

They recently asked me to do extensive research for a product they had not yet developed and are working on. My intuition told me that a lot more work would be involved and that I should ask for additional compensation. So I did. Continue reading