Losing Your Pet

Collin recently wrote to me from Australia. He just lost his beloved cat (Grumps) in December of 2007. We’ve exchanged numerous emails talking about the painful experience of “letting go.” Here is a recent email from Collin:


I cannot express to you how grateful I am that you have taken the time to talk to me via email. It has made such a huge difference to the way I feel been able to share with someone that has been through something so similar. And to think I found your video on YouTube by accident!

I was actually looking for the song called NIKITA by Elton john and I spelled it wrong and put NAKITA.

Hopefully I have found a new friend by “accident.” I know with the work your doing you are going to make a huge difference to people with those furry friends. Maybe when I get my video complete I can share it with you

God bless you always



Air Filter To Clean Your Environment

I sleep with my cats. I now have three of these wonderful creatures, but at one time, I had 5 of them snuggling up to me at night.

I’m not the only animal lover “out there” who does this. In the winter, the windows are shut tight and something is needed to draw out the dander, cat hair, odor, and anything else that might be floating around the room. I found the perfect airfilter solution.

Air_filter_health_mate I purhased a HealthMate airfilter from the Allergy Relief Store in Brentwood, TN. It removes smoke, mold, mildew, fungi, asthma triggering irritants, allergens, germs, viruses, bacteria, chemicals, gases & odors. Mine has been running non-stop (except for cleaning) for over six years now and I have no complaints. I vacuum the outside when the dust builds up and I remove the drum and clean the inside every six months. I couldn’t live without it and it was well worth the investment. Check out the website to find the perfect filter for your air cleansing needs. And in case your wondering, I am not an affiliate for this company.


Alternative Medicine for Pets

The Vet told me that Nakita had only 1 month to live. The tumor behind his eye was taking over and I was advised to put him to sleep. I did not listen.

Instead, I tried the following treatments all of which added some quality to his life and additional months, weeks and days for both of us to enjoy. The tumor got smaller, and came back. Got smaller and came back. And oh I was in total joy when it diminshed, and I pursued yet another natural remedy whenever it came back. The following items were most helpful in extending and enhancing the quality of Nakita’s life:

Poly MVA - a liquid nutrient that boosts the immune system and has been known to shrink tumors, (recommended by Terry Brockman, DVM – 615-356-6534) Poly MVA

Ambrotose - a powder made from the Aloe plant that boosts the immune system (manufactured by Mannatech)

Flower Essences – see the separate post on flower essences and how they can help with emotional healing.

Walnut (for transition),

Bleeding Heart (for letting go due to death)

Rescue Remedy (for calming the spirit)

Doxycycline - an antibiotic (recommended by my vet) that has been known to shrink tumors

Homeopathy - used by vetinarian Dr. Charles Loops (who has helped my animals tremendously over the years) http://www.charlesloopsdvm.com/ Dr. Loops works primarily on the phone with owners of animals who have cancer or behaviorial disorders. 919-542-0442

Despite all my efforts to save him, Nakita made is peaceful transition on January 7th, 2006. I will never be the same without him.


Flower Essences For Your Pet

For emotional or behavioral issues your pet may need a specific flower essence to calm his nerves or sooth his spirit. Flower essences are made from plants and contain no harmful ingredients. Try using Rescue remedy to help you pet recover from any type of trauma, accident or anxiety. Bleeding Heart Essence helps your animal recover from a death or the loss of a significant relationship. The essence of sunflower helps with low self esteem. There are literally hundreds of essences to choose from and there’s even an essence to help your animals become less aggressive and get along better with their companion animals. Call today (615-781-1552) for a consultation regarding the best flower essence for your pet.


Hope for Your Pet with Cancer

Nakitaphotojpg We all have those moments of emptyness and despair, when we feel totally helpless regarding the pending loss of our loved ones. Nakita is the love of my life and I honestly don’t know what I will do when he leaves. I just cannot imagine my life without him.

My local vet told me Nakita only had “one month to live” over two years ago. But I didn’t listen. Instead, I contacted Dr. Charles Loops, a vet based in Pittsboro, NC who has treated thousands of cases using the principles of classical homeopathy. Sixty percent of his new cases have cancer and most survive longer and have a better quality of life using this system of gentle healing. It’s best to call and set up an appointment (919-542-0442) and describe your pets condition. I have sent him photos via email. You can also send a video tape of your pet if he/she has a chronic condition that is hard to explain. Dr. Loops sent me homeopathic remedies that helped shrink Nakita’s tumor. I have blended Dr. Loops treatments with other methods of healing and experiment with what I am intuitively drawn to and Nakita is still with me. The will to live can be powerful.

I’ve also worked with Dr. Terry Brockman (615-356-6534) who prescribed Poly MVA for Nakita for enhancing the immune system. She is a certified veterinary acupuncturist and blends conventional veterinary medicine with a holistic approach. To read an article about her success with acupuncture, click HERE. My current vets suggested an antiobiotic (doxycycline) that has helped shrink the tumor. I’ve used this medicine (1/8 of a table morning and night) and have seen encouraging results.

For letting go, take Bleeding Heart Flower Essence and for those moments of uncertainty when you need to calm the nerves and soothe the spirit, give yourself and your animal Rescue Remedy Flower Essence. You can pick up these essences at most local health food markets.