Look Into My Crystal Ball


I’m always looking for information about intuition, psychic interpretation, how to recognize our guidance – anything that helps us become more perceptive and make our own decisons.

I found this interesting article by Lisa B. Valentino  about when to use a psychic and when to rely on your own intuitive skills.


Woman’s Intuition Predicted Wall Street Meltdown

I’m always intrigued by people who can predict things accurately. Laura Day does just that. I came across this article about her in the Telegraph.co.uk.

She gives seminars on how to use the sixth sense and has written five books teaching people how to harness their own ‘practical intuition’.

‘Anyone can do what I do,’ she says. ‘It is an idiot’s gift.’

If that’s true, we should all be able to do what she does. You can view the article at this link:

Laura Day-Financial Intuitive

Check out her books below:


Release the Blockages That Prevent You From Focusing

spiritual counselorI never knew that I had a blockage to release. Oh, perhaps on some level I knew, but I could never wrap my mind around it or put it into words. Something was holding me back and preventing me from focusing and getting clear about what I wanted.

I had a breakthrough session this morning while talking on the phone to Juelle

She is a conscious channel who was my guest recently on my radio show – Windows To Wellness - where we talked about her gifts. She offered me great insight regarding the flow of “my life stream,” and asked me a lot of questions that helped me uncover a pattern in my life that first emerged while I was still in the womb.

I don’t want to get too personal here with the information revealed, but I will say that I sobbed buckets during this session and my life is about to take a 180 degree turn with a new birth experience. I am overwhelmed with emotion and will take the time necessary to process this new awareness.

So perhaps seeking out a counselor can help you break through and release old patterns and blockages. Trust, that You will find the perfect person to support you. When the student is ready…the teacher will appear.


Trust Your Intuition

October 5th, 2006

Asiphotosmanjumping_1How does one trust the intuition that one receives?

When I do trust it, and things work out, I could literally jump for joy!

Recently, I received a request for a writing project from a client overseas. This client hires me on an ongoing basis to write articles for them on various issues regarding their healing product.

They recently asked me to do extensive research for a product they had not yet developed and are working on. My intuition told me that a lot more work would be involved and that I should ask for additional compensation. So I did. Continue reading


Unexpected Guidance From The Most Unlikely Source

I find it so interesting to receive Guidance from unexpected sources. This week I showed up at the non-fiction writers’ group that I facilitate. Only one other person attended and we sat there and discussed the fiction book that he was writing (yes even in a non-fiction group). It had something to do with a famous country music star and of course, the writer. I sat and listened, offered suggestions, and after we talked about his stuff for awhile, he asked what I was working on.

“My bio”, I said, not expecting any advice form someone obviously so wrapped up in fiction.

What he said next blew me away.

You know”, he said, “You remind me of that woman who wears a white robe who’s on television all the time”. “Gangaji?” I asked. “Yes, that’s her”. Your voice and your message, remind me of her.

(I about fell out of my chair). Continue reading


Finding My Bliss

millionaire mind intensitve

Several years ago, I attended an exciting experiential workshop, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (see photo) with T. HARV EKERD. I was seated in the front row and needed a partner. The woman behind me volunteered. So I wouldn’t have to lean backwards for the next 20 minutes during our discussion, I stood up, turned my chair around, and BOOM, there I was, standing and facing hundreds of people. They were all busy doing their experiential thing. And this feeling of “YOUR HOME” came over me. I could feel the tingling sensation in my fingertips. I was indeed home!

Being in front of people has never been a challenge for me. It’s what I’m naturally meant to do. It was one of those AH-Ha moments when time stood still.

Celebrate2_1 What makes your skin tingle just thinking about it? What makes YOU feel alive?

These are the keys to figuring out the puzzle of YOUR life.

Think BIG. Where do you want to be 5 years from now?

In your mind’s eye, STEP INTO THAT ROLE, and then, from that position, look back at yourself to see what you used to be like.

It is an empowering experience, and one I encourage you to do, VERY VERY SOON, so that you can start on your own true mission.

My role as a teacher/trainer is to help YOU discover your path. I’m just there as the conduit or channel of energy, to offer suggestions and help you through the process.