Protect Your Ipod

Use colorful recycled cases to protect your IPod from dents and scratches.

The manufacturer of these Nano Cases invests 1% of the product’s sales revenue into environmental causes. Available at The Branch

This cleverly designed case offers the features you’d expect from an iPod case: protection from scratches and dings, easy access to all the device’s controls, and a belt/armband clip.

In addition, the faceplate to this case is swappable, so that you can mix and match color combinations depending on your mood. (Swappable faceplates will be available soon.)

The Nano Case also features a “mirror window” on the back, which protects your iPod Nano’s polished back surface and allows you to “reflect” as desired. Available in three colors: Ruby, Aqua and Safety Orange.

I wish this company had an affiliate program. They are unique what they offer. Check out their other recycled products at The Branch


Use Recycled Bicycle Parts for Candle Holders

Recycledcandleholders The perfect gift for the recycler and bicycle enthusiast on your list. Tea Light Candle holders made from recycled bicycle parts!

A simple, elegant design that is both charming and practical.

Made from  recycled bicycle freewheels and cogs, tea light candle included. Sold individually. 3.25?w x 1.25?h. Made in the USA.

Price $12.99

Available at ELSEWARES