Client Testimonials

“When Linda worked with me, she brought forth inner messages that first gave me an “Ah-Ha”! Then I could feel her energy subtly assisting in my healing – allowing inner obstacles to dissolve and yielding for a sense of well-being.”

““““““““““““““““““““““““““`Carmen Sweetman

“Admist the turmoil going on around us, Linda was able to help me relax, ease the pain & allow my body to heal itself. I went home with the tools to continue with my self-healing”.

“““““““““““““““““““`Vickie B. Majors

“It’s hard for me to put into words how much my family appreciates Linda. She helped my father in his transition. Everyone three commented about how peaceful the room became when Linda started working. My father has since told me (from the other side) that his transition was quick, very peaceful, and beautiful. She truly helped him.”

“““““““““““““““““““`Kathy Campbell