Get Out Of Your Rut!

skydiversI just finished watching Oprah interview 4 women who  got “out of their ruts” by doing something completely “outrageous”.  SKY DIVING!!!   It brought tears to my eyes when those women stepped off that airplane (entrusting their complete survival to total strangers).

Each one was strapped underneath a seasoned sky diver who knew what to do an how to maneuver. Yet, trusting someone with your Life, is HUGE!  The thrill of “having done it” was overwhelming.

As they walked cross the field, it looked like a scene out of the movie:  “A Few Good Men”, only they were women, they were incredibly proud, and they were walking TALL!

If you watched, you may have thought:  “You’ll never catch ME doing something like that”. And, perhaps, you’re sitting there, in your same rut, unable to move, paralyzed by limited thinking, and wondering when your life will change.

Do you tend to stay inside your comfortable surroundings, and get your thrills by watching people on TV do the daring, the bold and the outlandish. You’re not alone.

” Most people live their lives as if they’re never going to die, and they die as if they have never lived.”

The time to live is NOW. Not tomorrow, not next week, not when you lose the weight, not when you fall in love….it’s NOW!  Take baby steps and you’ll finally get there. But first, you have to figure out what you want and where you are going?


Look Into My Crystal Ball


I’m always looking for information about intuition, psychic interpretation, how to recognize our guidance – anything that helps us become more perceptive and make our own decisons.

I found this interesting article by Lisa B. Valentino  about when to use a psychic and when to rely on your own intuitive skills.


What I Want? – Relocate The Mouse From My House

It’s a simple vision. The little guy just moves out on his own. No traps. No tricks. None of my cats carrying him out against his will. He just gathers his belongings and he’s out the door. He goes willingly and moves to another area that is better suited for his growth and development. I have this thing about killing. I don’t want to harm a single living creature.

You may already know that about me if you read the post “Relocating Luv Bugs” under the category: Communing With Nature.

I simply have to have a conversation with him and tell him that the environment is about to become very unfriendly. I have three cats in this house, and his survival is debatable. Granted, my cats are a bit slow and lethargic, but if they see a potential playmate scurrying by, there’s no question what will happen. Continue reading


Falling Back? or Moving Forward – Rosie O’Donnell

I will never forget a story that I heard about a conversation that Rosie O’Donnell had one day with her mom.

Rosie more than anything else, wanted to be a comedian, and her mom (as moms do) cautioned her about how hard it is to make a living in that line of work.

“You’ll need something to fall back on,” her mom said. And Rosie brilliantly replied: “Yeah, Mom, but then I’ll fall back!”

This year, I allowed my CPA credential to become Inactive. I no longer desire to do that kind of work. Like Rosie’s Mom, mine was worried about my future. “Get a job” she says, so you’ll have something to fall back on.”

And my reply (which I say to myself – in order to keep the peace?)……. You guessed it!