Jake’s Avatar – Oh To Run Again

ASI800px-JakeavatarI went to a physical therapist yesterday who told me that my right knee is pretty much shot. After years of carrying excess weight, my knee just won’t work anymore without some effort.

The physical therapist recommended knee replacement surgery,which is not in my mind set at this time. I cannot imagine creating $47,000 right now for a knee replacement. Then she suggested exercising in water. Then she recommended exercises I could do at home. She looked at my feet. They look pretty good she says, but I’ve lost my “arch”. So she looked at my shoes and said they were good with plenty of arch support. She wants me to get a new cane. Mine is no longer adjustable.

So, I’m going to do that, and I’m joining a fitness center and will begin tomorrow (April 23rd, 2010). Moving in water, and cycling for my lower body, and exercising with weights for my upper body.  I need to increase my metabolism and lose some excess weight to prevent the rest of my knee from deteriorating..

So, my homework is to align with the memory of what it was like to walk freely. What did that feel like? Having the wind in my face. Walking briskly. Having the sun on my back. Easily gliding up steps. I have to walk my talk. Who knows, perhaps my body will grow back cartilage? You never know what miracles can happen.

In the movie Avatar, I cried when the hero, Jake, first got his legs (in his new Avatar body). Remember that scene? I sat there crying. I could relate to his sheer joy at being able to run again. That’s is the memory I need to hold for myself.

What memories are you needing to hold on to?


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