Missing My Cats

success5catsNot long ago, I went to the Nashville Humane Society, to visit.  I always end up there with tears in my eyes and a furry creature in my lap. Holding an affectionate animal.  AHHHHHhhhh….that’s what I miss the most….My animals.

I’ve realized how much I miss my loving cats. I had five at one time and they were the joy of my life. They have all crossed over and the memories of those time when they were ill are painful.  The heart wrenching decision to help them transition, when their  little bodies could not longer function, is just too much to bear.

Pictures of them are hanging on the wall.  This is the first time in my life, in over 20 years that I have been catless.  No fur balls to snuggle up to.  No little paws dangling by my face from my pillow at night. No longing looks from the inside of those incredible eyes.  The love is still there. But the physicalness of that love is gone.  How I miss them. Have you had a similar experience?


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