Divine Intervention – A New Book By Psychic Patricia Milner

It’s the Sunday morning after the Thanksgiving holiday and I’m getting ready to interview Patricia Milner – a psychic medium. We are connecting on Skype since she lives on the other side of the world in Cyprus. I am quite excited about this book because I’m her editor. Her words were channeled and when she sat down at the computer, every detail of her early life came pouring out.

We’ve spent 18 months working on the manuscript, editing, rewriting, re-editing until we got it just right. Writing has always been one of my passions, and this is the first time I’ve started a book and watched it unfold to completion and then publication.

In her book, Divine Intervention, Patricia talks about being psychic since birth. She remembers the day of her birth vividly, and other days during her childhood and the strange experiences that she had. At the time, she thought she was going mad, but ‘Spirit’ was there to assure her, that everything was in Divine Order.

It’s not so strange anymore that young children are having psychic experiences and that adults think there is something wrong with them. My roommate’s granddaughter told us recently that she saw a ghost and I asked her about it. I took her seriously and asked her about their interaction and how she felt about it. Her Mom did not believe her. More and more people are having these experiences and are talking openly about them. Patricia’s book is meant to help these people find comfort in their paranormal experiences and how they can use them to create meaning in their lives.

Patricia is now using her gift to help others as a psychic medium and counselor. Her book is sprinkled with current day stories of the people who come to see her, and flashbacks to her tumultuous childhood and how her traumas and experiences led her to her current role. I hope you can tune in to this interview, which will be up soon at www.windowstowellness.com

For a detail of her work, visit her website.

For a video about her new movie, visit her blog.


Look Into My Crystal Ball


I’m always looking for information about intuition, psychic interpretation, how to recognize our guidance – anything that helps us become more perceptive and make our own decisons.

I found this interesting article by Lisa B. Valentino  about when to use a psychic and when to rely on your own intuitive skills.


Facts about Faces – Your Wrinkles Tell All

I found this article about Jean Haner in the San Diego City Beat Real Alternative News. Apparently , Haner can tell tons about a person from the shape of their face and the wrinkles acquired thereon. She married into a Chinese family and has captured the art of Chinese face reading in her book: The Wisdom Of Your Face (see below)

Quote from the City Beat article:

“To Haner, every face is like a fine watercolor, and wrinkles are the brush strokes. “Every significant moment that happens in your life is marked on your face,” she says. “When you get divorced, you get a certain wrinkle—when your father dies or when you give birth to your first born as well. So, to me, your face is like a family photo album, and getting cosmetic surgery would be like burning the pictures.”

Check out Haner’s book on Amazon below:


Woman’s Intuition Predicted Wall Street Meltdown

I’m always intrigued by people who can predict things accurately. Laura Day does just that. I came across this article about her in the Telegraph.co.uk.

She gives seminars on how to use the sixth sense and has written five books teaching people how to harness their own ‘practical intuition’.

‘Anyone can do what I do,’ she says. ‘It is an idiot’s gift.’

If that’s true, we should all be able to do what she does. You can view the article at this link:

Laura Day-Financial Intuitive

Check out her books below:


Oprah Used a Vision Board to Visualize Barack Obama as President

I just read an empowering post written by John Assaraf – Master Teacher of The Secret.

This is inspiring!

John_assaraf Author: John Assaraf
Source: John Assaraf’s Blog

Dreams do come true! Talk show star Oprah Winfrey revealed this week that she uses a vision board to visualize her goals and harness the power of intention. So what did Oprah have on her vision board? The gown she intended to wear to a very special event – the Obama inauguration.

Here’s what Oprah told a New York radio station on Tuesday:

“I was speaking with Michelle (Obama) and Caroline Kennedy and Maria Shriver – we were all doing a big rally out in California. At the end of the rally Michelle Obama said something powerful, ‘and I want you to leave here and envision Barack Obama taking the oath of office.’ I created a vision board. I had never had a vision board before. I came home, I got me a board and put Barack Obama’s picture on it and I put a picture of my dress I want to wear to the inauguration.”

Want some tips on how to put the power of intention to work with your own vision board? Go to TheVisionBoardKit.com for a downloadable free chapter that includes the eight basic ingredients of a successful vision board. You can achieve your dreams!



Randy Pausch-The Last Lecture-A Love Story For Your Life

I was truly inspired by this 45 minute ABC interview that Diana Sawyer had with Randy Pausch. It shows that one individual truly can make a difference in the lives of others. Are you living the life of your dreams? Please let me know what you think of this video. It’s an incredible story!

randy pausch and diane sawyer


They’re Called Mind Movies & They Are Great Manifesting Tools

You may have noticed the distraction in the right sidebar. All the twinkling lights. It’s the launch of the new ‘Mind Movie Creation Kit’ for half price ($97). As of today, September 15th, they are offering lots of bonuses from some Internet Marketing Gurus who are offering their products as freebies to get you to sign up. After September 17th, the price doubles and the bonuses go away.

Now if you already know how to put together a movie, then you probably won’t need this. But it’s nice to be able to look over Ryan’s shoulder (the guy from Australia who went from Factory worker living paycheck to paycheck to quitting his job and doing his Internet Marketing Business full time). With this kit, we’ll be able to see exactly how he puts a mind movie together.

Sure, you need photos, music, a script, software, etc, but wouldn’t it be nice if you had a coach too? The freebies that are being offered go away after September 17th. Get yours NOW. Just click on the banner below.

Happy creating.

PS: I’d love to see your mind movie when you’re done, whether you create it yourself, or use their kit!


Feng Shui Tools For Manifesting

Lincoln Memorial at Night

Lincoln Memorial at Night

Retailers use it in their stores to attract hundreds of new customers, hotels use it in their lobbies to help their guests relax, and home builders use it to sell $600,000 houses that have been sitting empty for months.

What am I talking about? Feng Shui. Specific objects in your environment can make all the difference in helping you manifest what you want.

Feng Shui can be an effective tool for career enhancement. The following items on your career wall can cause things to accelerate. The color Black, moving water or a photo of moving water (like a waterfall), or a fountain to move the chi or energy. There are many objects or “cures” that can help move the energy of a stagnant career area of your home.

Just thirty minutes after hanging a perfectly framed picture of the Lincoln Memorial on my career wall, I received a phone call for a job interview that I had been wanting for months. I was amazed that the phone call came so fast. My photo contained the color black and water. Both are recommended “cures” for stagnation in your career area.   How does it get any better than this?


Winning the Tennessee Lottery – How Would It Feel?

Tennessee Power Ball Winning Numbers

Tennessee Power Ball Winning Numbers

It was so hot today here in Nashville. When I arrived home, I had this overwhelming desire to just lie down on the carpeted floor in my cool lower level.

Instead of the floor, I found a comfortable sofa downstairs and just stretched out and stared up at the ceiling. I got the idea to do some intense focusing – what it would actually feel like to win the Tennessee Lottery? – (specifically – The Tennessee Power Ball?

- How many people would choose the same winning numbers?

- When would it happen?

- How much money would I win? – a cool $85 million came to mind – whew!

- What would be the very first thing I would do?

- I knew the answer to that one: seek out the services of a trusted financial advisor. I would call him, ask to book an appointment, request his services for my bookkeeping and taxes and then hit him with the news. Then he would tell me how much to pay the IRS.


- Would I invest?

- Pay off debt?

- Repay loans?

- Go on a spending spree?

In meticulous detail, I talked out loud to my ceiling, what I would do, how I would feel, who I would celebrate with, how my life would change.

After awhile, I started planning more things:

- buying a new home

- where would I live? Near an ocean? Near a lake? Near the mountains?

- Who would live with me?

- What would I do with my current home? Would I fix it up? and if so, to what degree?

- Then I had the thought: Would the Tennessean interview me (after I win) because of the date of this blog post?

I have never been so focused in my life. And, when I finished, I felt energized. I felt strong. I felt empowered. Quite frankly, it felt like I had a plan – for my future as a millionaire.

Now, that’s not all I want in my life, but it was fun to start there – and practice, practice, practice the intense visualizing, so that when it finally does happen, it won’t feel like a surprise.

Take time for yourself. Focus on something that you want.

It does not have to be that major of a life change. Just focus on a small thing that you want. How would it FEEEEEEL! Get into that feeling. Embrace it. Talk to your ceiling. Talk into a tape recorder. Play it back at night while you sleep. Let your vision permeate every cell of your body! Do this exercise over and over and over again. And then don’t be surprised…..when it finally happens!!! That - is the key to manifestation.


Wouldn’t It Be Nice….

Last night, I attended an Abraham-Hicks meet-up group and we talked about 17 seconds of visualization and how powerful that is. The key is to visualize for the joy of visualizing, like going to a movie. Not to visualize intensely because we are “here, in this situation”, and we want to be over there “in that situation.”

We don’t go to the movies to try to make something happen. Instead, we go for the sheer pleasure and delight of watching the story unfold. Likewise, we can watch our own story unfold the same way, for the sheer pleasure and delight of it.

We could say: “Wouldn’t it be nice if…..(fill in the blank). And then, after doing this visualization for the sheer joy of it, and practicing it over and over again, when our story actually does unfold (per our vision) , we won’t be surprised. It will be the next logical step for us. This is the secret to manifestation!


Soar Like an Eagle – Video Visualization Tool

Interactive Video - Soaring Over MountainsOne of the secrets of manifesting is to visualize what it would be like to already have what you want.

To actually find videos or movies or tools that help you SEE what it would be like.

What if you wanted:

  • the freedom to move about without a body?
  • to soar like an eagle and experience what that would feel like?
  • to be a pilot and fly through the air with ease?

In this short clip, you will experience just that ...what it feels like to fly over mountains – with music.This is an interactive video. You will guide with your mouse, where you go!

Click on the link below

Move your cursor over the screen, & you will have that first hand experience!

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