Going With the Flow vs. Having Structure

successLast night I attended a meeting of my Abraham-Hicks support group.  We were all over the place.  First we chatted about our lives (“what is”) over a potluck dinner, then we gathered to practice Abraham empowering techniques.

Abraham is all about letting go of the oars.  Giving up the struggle.  Acting only when inspired.  In other words, going with the flow of life.

I have always wondered about having structure, goals, action plans, organized anything vs. going with the natural flow of life.  It seems that when I give up the oars, give up the battle to make things happen, there is a natural un-foldment.

If I set my intention and get a clear picture in my mind of what I want to manifest, and then let go, it usually shows up, or something better.  Where attention goes, energy flows.

Recently, I’ve attempted to research certain information online (that I thought I needed) for the success of my business.  I keep running into closed doors, roadblocks, seminars that have long passed, links that do not work, and teachers who are not willing to share their knowledge.  That’s a sign for me, to open to new possibilities. That perhaps the road I thought I should take, is not the path for me.  So, my oars are out of the water. My mind is open to new possibilities, and a new direction will be revealed.  Have you had a similar experience?


Wouldn’t It Be Nice….

Last night, I attended an Abraham-Hicks meet-up group and we talked about 17 seconds of visualization and how powerful that is. The key is to visualize for the joy of visualizing, like going to a movie. Not to visualize intensely because we are “here, in this situation”, and we want to be over there “in that situation.”

We don’t go to the movies to try to make something happen. Instead, we go for the sheer pleasure and delight of watching the story unfold. Likewise, we can watch our own story unfold the same way, for the sheer pleasure and delight of it.

We could say: “Wouldn’t it be nice if…..(fill in the blank). And then, after doing this visualization for the sheer joy of it, and practicing it over and over again, when our story actually does unfold (per our vision) , we won’t be surprised. It will be the next logical step for us. This is the secret to manifestation!