Missing My Cats

success5catsNot long ago, I went to the Nashville Humane Society, to visit.  I always end up there with tears in my eyes and a furry creature in my lap. Holding an affectionate animal.  AHHHHHhhhh….that’s what I miss the most….My animals.

I’ve realized how much I miss my loving cats. I had five at one time and they were the joy of my life. They have all crossed over and the memories of those time when they were ill are painful.  The heart wrenching decision to help them transition, when their  little bodies could not longer function, is just too much to bear.

Pictures of them are hanging on the wall.  This is the first time in my life, in over 20 years that I have been catless.  No fur balls to snuggle up to.  No little paws dangling by my face from my pillow at night. No longing looks from the inside of those incredible eyes.  The love is still there. But the physicalness of that love is gone.  How I miss them. Have you had a similar experience?


Jake’s Avatar – Oh To Run Again

ASI800px-JakeavatarI went to a physical therapist yesterday who told me that my right knee is pretty much shot. After years of carrying excess weight, my knee just won’t work anymore without some effort.

The physical therapist recommended knee replacement surgery,which is not in my mind set at this time. I cannot imagine creating $47,000 right now for a knee replacement. Then she suggested exercising in water. Continue reading


Going With the Flow vs. Having Structure

successLast night I attended a meeting of my Abraham-Hicks support group.  We were all over the place.  First we chatted about our lives (“what is”) over a potluck dinner, then we gathered to practice Abraham empowering techniques.

Abraham is all about letting go of the oars.  Giving up the struggle.  Acting only when inspired.  In other words, going with the flow of life.

I have always wondered about having structure, goals, action plans, organized anything vs. going with the natural flow of life.  It seems that when I give up the oars, give up the battle to make things happen, there is a natural un-foldment.

If I set my intention and get a clear picture in my mind of what I want to manifest, and then let go, it usually shows up, or something better.  Where attention goes, energy flows.

Recently, I’ve attempted to research certain information online (that I thought I needed) for the success of my business.  I keep running into closed doors, roadblocks, seminars that have long passed, links that do not work, and teachers who are not willing to share their knowledge.  That’s a sign for me, to open to new possibilities. That perhaps the road I thought I should take, is not the path for me.  So, my oars are out of the water. My mind is open to new possibilities, and a new direction will be revealed.  Have you had a similar experience?


Nothing Is More Powerful Than Telling Your Vision

Years ago, I went to see a woman who was Clairvoyant.  I was so bored with my accounting job and asked if she saw any new direction in my career path.  “You’ll be Writing” she said.  “What would I write about”? I asked, thinking she was crazy.  “All kinds of things.” was her reply.

At that point in my life, I didn’t see a way out of my accounting field.  How would I earn a living if I quit my job? What would I do?   My mind was full of questions and I could not see the obvious answers.

Some time after that encounter, I was seated in the front row of Zanie’s Comedy Club in Nashville, TN.  As the comic spewed out his routine, I got ideas to write about.  He mentioned his childhood, and the word “pogo stick” hit me like a ton of bricks.  He mentioned something else, and it spurred another memory that I wanted to put down on paper.  I had a little notebook with me and as he spoke, I jotted down the words that I wanted to remember “pogo stick”, etc.

He couldn’t help but notice me writing and he leaned over with his microphone: “And what do you do for a living?” he asked with anticipation.

It came out of my mouth like lightening.  In front of hundreds of people, I said:  “I’m a writer!”.  With that, the comedian became very uncomfortable. And the waitress came up to me and told me that if I did not put my notebook away, that I would be escorted out of the club.  Geez Louise.  I was just making a statement to the world about who and what I was.  His act, was not worth stealing, but I didn’t dare make a scene.  So I slipped my notebook into my pocket and relished in the idea that everyone in that room (including me) KNEW beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I was  – indeed – a writer.

Since that time, I have established a writing business and I specialize in working with the holistic community. I’ve edited books, manuscripts, articles, documents, website content and have even re-written several booklets for a Catholic priest. I also build WordPress blogs and websites for clients. I’ve gradually let go of my accounting commitments and am now working as a full time writer, social networker and blog/site builder.

You can see a video about my writing on  YouTube

You can also visit my writing blog at www.NewMediaWriter.com

Pay attention to those inner urges, those little pulls that keep popping up in your head.  And then find a place to tell your vision.  You may not choose to announce it in a comedy club, but words are SO powerful and just stating them outloud with intention, will move mountains.


Make Peace With Where You Are!

The soundest advice I’ve ever heard is simply this:  Make Peace With Where You Are!  Find something in your current situation to be happy about and focus on that. Is it hard to do?  Not, according to Martha Creek.
She is passionate about a program called “Loving What Is” -  a powerful and transformational experience utilizing a process called “The Work” created by internationally-recognized facilitator and national best selling author – Byron Katie.
“The Work” is a method that clears the mind of limited thinking and helps you find, within yourself, everything you really need.

You can access Martha’s audio interview by becoming a member at www.windowstowellness.com - (IT’S FREE). Once inside, search on the category “Loving What Is”.

It’s time for us to be HAPPY and now we have a way to get there moment by moment.
I hope you enjoy this program.

Who Is God? A Touching & Inspiring Video

I loved this video. Very touching and heart warming! Be sure to visit the homepage of the originator which will be displayed at the end of the video. Blessings and Namaste’


Finding My Bliss

millionaire mind intensitve

Several years ago, I attended an exciting experiential workshop, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (see photo) with T. HARV EKERD. I was seated in the front row and needed a partner. The woman behind me volunteered. So I wouldn’t have to lean backwards for the next 20 minutes during our discussion, I stood up, turned my chair around, and BOOM, there I was, standing and facing hundreds of people. They were all busy doing their experiential thing. And this feeling of “YOUR HOME” came over me. I could feel the tingling sensation in my fingertips. I was indeed home!

Being in front of people has never been a challenge for me. It’s what I’m naturally meant to do. It was one of those AH-Ha moments when time stood still.

Celebrate2_1 What makes your skin tingle just thinking about it? What makes YOU feel alive?

These are the keys to figuring out the puzzle of YOUR life.

Think BIG. Where do you want to be 5 years from now?

In your mind’s eye, STEP INTO THAT ROLE, and then, from that position, look back at yourself to see what you used to be like.

It is an empowering experience, and one I encourage you to do, VERY VERY SOON, so that you can start on your own true mission.

My role as a teacher/trainer is to help YOU discover your path. I’m just there as the conduit or channel of energy, to offer suggestions and help you through the process.