Watch YOUR Movie, NOT your TV

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I recently forced myself to evaluate what I do with my spare time, and I have to admit, that I watch a lot of television.

That time I spent watching  these shows, I could have watched my OWN movie….the movie of MY life.  I could have been creating my OWN future, instead of watching someone else’s.
Well that’s about to change.
I’ve been viewing – on my computer, the FREE mind movies that were given to me, absolutely free by the good people at Mind Movies.  In particular, the movies about success, love,relationships, finding a partner, health and spirituality.
Of Course, the photos in those movies are NOT me, but the FEELING I get when I watch these movies, is the same as what YOU would feel.  Being accepted. Being appreciated. Being productive. Being successful, and most important…LOVING and being LOVED.
I recently lost my beloved cat, Sabrina, and I feel that the LOVE part -  is most important.  The connecting to Spirit.  – Feeling oneness with all things, is HUGE for my happiness. It’s hard to reach sometimes when the being you love with all your heart is no longer with you in the physical world, but I know, she is here with me, dictating this email. She is now my intuitive adviser on the other side.
I can also, now, create a movie in her memory. In a matter of minutes, and who knows? It may go viral if she has anything to do with it.
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Emotion is “energy in motion”. Feelings move energy. Energy creates your world.
So, you might want to turn off YOUR tv, and Watch YOUR movie

Be sure to grab, though, the free mind movies that they provide just for signing up.

Don’t wait!  get them now, while you still can.
I just bought the 2.0 version, and I’m having so much fun.

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